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Saturday, 30 April 2011

York: Viking City

Travelling in UK is facinating for those who loves history. And for me, York is know because of York University (budak budak argriculture ramai kat sini) and because of its factory outlet (kekeke... mana boleh lupa kan?? acara wajin tuh). York also is acultural getaway or a romantic weekend break for Londeners .... and I am sure you will get inspired for its exquisite architecture, tangle of quaint cobbled streets and the iconic York Minster, picturistiqe streets with all cutting-edge scene.

Drove into the York city you will see the fort, museums, and vibrant café culture.... tak banyak but I saw few ...

Once in York, you feel that this old city... filled with the new and the common place meets with the unexpected. Get into the churhes, museums and if you lucky enough, get the entrance free, take picture with the vikings out of no expence at all .... lelebih lagi kalau kita ni nampak 'asing' - pakai tudung contohnya.. atau pakai baju melayu kekekekeke.....

So next time, kalau ke London, singgah lah ke Youk.. helps you to broaden your mind with a visit to world class museums, churhes and historical heritage..and most important must visit - FACTORY OUTLET !!!!! .... soping taim!

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