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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My Heaven

Experience traveling around the world has given me the opportunity to acquire creativity in life. Its in the way how I represent myself to the world. And being a person that is most of the time calm, and relax but could be very strong personality and determination in life, has lead my passion to decorate my life space WHITE.
To visit Flea markets, garage sales or even thrift stores are a must for me each time I travel abroad. Its like a tunnel of inspiration see the items and while wondering into the shops, my mind is transforming the items directly to my house. The goods may only come with old painted style but my mind can make it a harmonious combination when it comes to my own interior design skills.
I always think white... for my culture sometimes white is relate to the sorrow, gloomy and death even though it could also mean spiritual strength, purification and perfection. But the infuse of white color could be dated even more metaphysical way.
As far as I remember, I seldom ended my traveling with huge paper bags of branded handbags, shirts, shoes or perfumes as most people do (even though sometime I do!!). Major attractions are on collectible items like spoon, mini mugs/jugs, unique and authentic classic items or it could be only a wooden spoon but with a craft that is significant to me.. or even a piece of paper or an old book with a signature of the writer could be so priceless to me. Exposing my collections does not mean being show off but it gives me pleasure and put them out to enjoy.
Most importantly, that I want to emphasize is the comfort feeling. A little thing will change the look instantly!