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Tuesday, 10 January 2012


"hmmmmm.................. "

It has been ages I have not reporting anything of my progress here... so many things happened in 2011. It was a recovery year.. healing from all negative energies...but I still have beautiful memories of 2011. Lots of things... regarding my day-to-day activities, personal life, study life, anything.... just name it... I am a person with different hats!

As a rabbit, according to Chinese calender.... in the year of the Dragon, I can successfully correct the mistakes of last year, correct any activities, which for some reason took a slightly diverted direction. Trained with psychological tools, Insya Allah and always I will learn to cope with difficulties, and combat all obstacles in optimistic moods.

This year, I will begin to achieve with simple victories.. simple achievement, IS STILL AN ACHIEVEMENT to me... and may exaggerate my euphoria of success kekekek...but I must be aware and alert for not to celebrate simple victories for long.. as it could lead to obstacles and challenges in the future.

For that, I have to change.

According to the 'experts', rabbit in the year of the Dragon (2012), I will receive good news from within the family (and I do hope because early of this year, abah complaints of having chest pain... his condition is not so good lately... yesterday, mak managed to get him to the doctor for a thorough check up.. and the result will be out next week... and we really need GOOD NEWS!!).

They also quoted that there will be rising income (hehehehe yeahhh I hope the projects scheduled are on!) and along with that, I think I have to carefully outlined my own expenditure.. bak kata orang laa kan... besar periuk, besar lah kerak nya... but what I want is besar periuk, besarlah jamuannya!

As I am writing this, in front of me a is a cup of ganoderma coffee.. which really make my head dizzy and drowsy... and what the 'experts' mentioned in most of the forecast articles on Chinese Calender 2012, the Rabbits may experience mood-swings from time-to-time.... AND I AM EXPERIENCING IT NOW! due to the coffee laa kan??

Living with Dragon (my sister) I think the Rabbit should take care and try to moderate these considering the volatility inherent in the nature of Dragon Years. kekekee .... mau hangus Rabbit kene 'spray' ngan api karang laa kan?? kekekekek