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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Stockholm - Exchange Guard

Stockholm is a city of charm and very very expensive!!. We stayed at the Old Town (Gamla stan)...there are few bridges connecting to different districts..and it is also called the "town between the bridges".. adn the buidings are from the 13th century!!!.... sure kaki sakit cause perhaps the road was made of coble stones untuk kudda kuda..... and imagine laaaa ' berangan ' .... jalan jalan in medieval alleyways pakai baju kain kembang ala ala Little House in The Prairie hahahahahah

Then we went to the Royal Palace... where the Royal Guard marched with a military orchestra in the front through Stockholm city to change the guard with pomp konon nya they are protecting the castle.

Most of the guards are female... and macam PTD pulak cause they look so young and .. errr.... macam tak matang...... and on the other hand.. ada yg terlalu veteran untuk jadi guard!

Ni dari belakang..... :) comel comel laaa... but the exchange guard in London far more better than in stockholm.... nampak lebih kemas dan tegap as compared to stockholm punya... kekekeek jgn marah ya orang sweden...

Ok.. nanti YMRK update lagi ye...... ni nak concentrate ngan keje dulu :) :)