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Monday, 25 April 2011

Paris 2009

Paris is easy to get connected from London. Eurostar is the most popular among tourist because its only takes couple of hours. Since Paris is not particularly big, we explore Paris by foot and took a bus from London to Paris, which we have to sleep in the bus. To cross the English Channel, the bus had to board a train! We arrived early and we begin our strenuous activity in Paris!

Paris is the most romantic destination that springs automatically to mind. It may not have crystal sunny day or warm white beaches, but it has much more to offer. The atmospheres are something everybody would not amiss. It is easy to see why Paris is the most memorable trip.

Paris, from my eyes is not particularly big but the exquisite architecture, amorous sceneries and the surroundings really unexplainable. Those who have watched movie on Hitler invaded Paris, this is the marched of Hitler’s army once they entered and declared that Paris is in their hands. Filled with historical monuments and stories, that makes Paris so close to my heart.

Most of the buildings in Paris has it win decorative elements that certainly attractive with the from byzantine to napoleon, it a mixed. The Louvre Museum is a must! Famous Pei glass pyramids is an opener at the entrance of the Louvre Museum, a walking distance to meet the ‘Monalisa’

Jardin Des Tuileries – most enchanting and of course the famous naked lady in the garden! Here my mom and dad. Dad wanted to take this picture alone but mom was there! Gotcha!!!

I like this photo... my dad was resting while waiting for us 'menggila' ambil gambar... comel...

One of our major destination is to the ‘City of Light’, and of course the magnificent tower – we take hundreds of snaps (in the bus) unknowingly its just a walking distance from our hotel to the Eiffel Tower!. Along the way to Eiffel, you could see many young couples and families, some of them are alone just to watch the tower. I believe that these people full of esthetics values.

Shopping in Paris can make you cry! Whether its shopaholic tears or the opposite! Just be careful of using English in Paris especially if you want to buy mineral water (Avian of course!). My humble advise, use your mother tongue language plus the sign language (never in English). They will love it. Unless if you go the departmental stores like Louis Vuitton! Here, I learnt from the sales executive how to identify a fake LV and what make LV is so distinguished from others. The code is noted somewhere inside the bag and just like birth certificate of the bag. All LV bags are handmade, and patterned.

My sister, has listed how to identify the LV identification in her blog:

You may get more tips there!

In all......Paris is something… but many other things you can find around the globe. My next destination would be Romania. After meeting Napoleon and Monalisa, I would like to meet Val Hensing and his fighting partner – The Count Dracula!!!!

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