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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Earth Day

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt

Earth Day...ther is a right way and wrong way to celebrate Earth Day... doing preservation works or be at the wild party (so called earth Day party) and get drunk... we should decide what to do.. and I choose not to drive TODAY ... minimize it actually (kekeke... mana boleh tak drive.. pastu nak anta Dr. in the HOUSE cemana laaa kan?)

Saving the earth I think just like expressing your emotion.. once we express our emotions (anger or sadness) to someone, discuss the reaction rather than moving on buat tak tau.... so, after-effect discussion is important in handling difficult emotion.

Sama juga lah halnya untuk menyambut Earth Day nih...... consistent with your doings... especially in retaining and maintaining the earth ...

off story:

So, klik sini: I. Need. More. KMs! I want the iPad 2! Or the BB Bold 3 or the iPod touch? or the movie passes, I want to win all! #Churp2race let have a race di alam maya disamping memenangi hadiah yang hebat! Jimat minyak, jimat tenaga... hanya satu klik, boleh menang!!!

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