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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

"Crap" is a bad word?

Hmm how and where should I start... THe word 'crap' oftenly used by people who are overwhelmed with life... you know may be too stressed up with life or may be being push over the limit.. so people alway come to see me just to share how dissaponted they were with certain things.. and frequently addressed their experience as 'crap' ... so its normal .. in this 'profession' especially is oftenly heard.... and the word 'crap' refers to the feeling of unwanted.. bad..taken for granted.. thrown like rubbish... as so on... Well, I know that the the word “crap” is pretty low but again it is depending on the context. Grow up .... times have changed... today people use“crap” to refer to “stuff,” .. you know.. things that you cannot utter in public .... because its regarded as 'vulgar' as waht 'crap' traditionally meant. “’Is crap bad word?” some one came to me in the morning... That question could be answered in the perspective of TESL or BENL students or from a perspective of a practitioer like me... The way I understand it, crap also can mean “defecate” (or “defecation”) which is not considered profane or vulgar. And it WAS considered vulgar .. perhaps back to the mediavel latin 'crappa' or residue or waste ... and these people prime their mind the word 'waste' as per 'human waste' or 'shit' (hmmmm tangan kat bahu, mata naik ke atas...ayooo singkat nya fikiran mu) Dont they even think that 'crap' also means trash ?? some one who are neglected by the society can simply got crap right? they feel like trash ... so normal laa kan??? and I wonder why sampai nak kecoh kecoh just to tell others that the term was wrongly used? Oh please laa... get back to work !

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