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Thursday, 26 January 2012

2010 - 2012

2010 was (should be) great year.. because both my sister and my self finally completed our higher-end education qualification. Its not due to the title given to our names, but its more on self satisfaction...

The "SO WHAT" question that have been bombarded into our mind during the 7 long years... now, we can pass it on to those who like to criticize others ..... so what if I wore 'Japanese Slipper' a.k.a Selipar Jepun and Khaki ... so what if I drove a Kancil .... so what if I said something fool at my FB status??? .... most important thing... I dah ada 'Doktor' ... kau ada?? tak de kan?? (a famous quote from Malay movie - Awek Aku Pontianak) .... and has become a jargon for the youngsters... so.. jangan laa nak kecil hati kata orang kata 'kau ada?? tak de kan??'

My sister did on Mental Imagery and I did on CBT and Spirituality. Actual fact, I was not prepare to do this research degree... but having said that I alwasy accompany my sister to her classes, her discussions, meeting with supervisors... and I was thinking and I should do mine... but I rather not serious about it... main main je.. just like I did before in local Uni. after came back from OVC. Dalam hal main main... hantar paper.. rectify sekali.. alhamdulillah.. pass pulak!!

Unfortunately, we had had a bad accident.. and cannot attend the graduation ceremony in Arizona USA... sedeh... my sister pulak, had to use wheelchair in her graduation ceremony with special letter from hospital... only if I went to the same Uni, sure adik beradik, dua dua naik pentas pakai wheelchair! hahaha... pelik nya laa hai....

Dugaan Dugaan....but semuanya terlerai, and now, I have a new mission for my sister.. ... i want her to be somebody else.... ni sedang usaha.. harap berjaya!

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