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Monday, 17 October 2011

After a year ....

30 september 2010 - a day that i will never forget .... somehow it does change the way i perceived life .... and i think i appreciate life better ... enjoy my weekends and breath the fullest as i could...

what should i do? claim for total lost? na... it will cost me more ...

we decided to collect all the pieces... i was informed total of repairing the damage cost nearly 50k!!! uishhh dapat kete sebijik yg baru...

it so sad... so bad ... and no more tears when i saw the car....

but i believe... ada hikmah disebalik ini semua....


After work
covered in grease
swigging beer
wiping sweat
off my brow
with my oily
stained shirt

Standing over
massive guts
of my car
racing sunlight
to get the beast running
to haul me to work
one more day

I reach my hands
down into the belly
of cables and steel
It feels
in my hands

With each beer
it gets more fun
I’m like a
big kid with
a giant model

I turn the key
and it comes
roaring alive

These factory hands
have brought the dead
to life


Now I have
no choice
but to go to work

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