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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Minnesota : MMPI

The MMPI was developed in the 1930s at Minnesota University. It is a serious and comprehensive personality test so far and normally used by psychologist to detect psychological problems.

This was taken in Minnesota when I went for series of workshops on administering MMPI.

Dr. Graham was giving his key note address and handle the workshop. He is so humble and always smile... nampak garang.. tapi baik.... jap panggil 'Prof' jap panggil 'Dr.' .. jap panggil 'Graham' .... gua pun confuse.....

MMPI has various clinical scales. The scales is use to indicate different psychological conditions based on the scales.

MMPI Scales:

Scale 1 - hypochondriasis
Neurotic concern over bodily functioning.

Scale 2 - depression
Poor morale, lack of hope in the future, and a general dissatisfaction with one's own life situation. High scores are clinical depression whilst lower scores are more general unhappiness with life.

Scale 3 - hysteria
Hysterical reaction to stressful situations. Often have 'normal' facade and then go to pieces when faced with a 'trigger' level of stress.
People who tend to score higher include brighter, better educated and from higher social classes. Women score higher too.

Scale 4 - psychopathic deviate
Measures social deviation, lack of acceptance of authority, amorality. Adolescents tend to score higher.

Scale 5 - masculinity-femininity
Tests for homosexual tendencies. Men tend to get higher scores. It is also related to intelligence, education, and socioeconomic status.

Scale 6 - paranoia
Paranoid symptoms such as ideas of reference, feelings of persecution, grandiose self-concepts, suspiciousness, excessive sensitivity, and rigid opinions and attitudes.

Scale 7 - psychasthenia
Originally characterized by excessive doubts, compulsions, obsessions, and unreasonable fears, it now indicates conditions such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It also shows abnormal fears, self-criticism, difficulties in concentration, and guilt feelings.

Scale 8 - schizophrenia
Assesses a wide variety of content areas, including bizarre thought processes and peculiar perceptions, social alienation, poor familial relationships, difficulties in concentration and impulse control, lack of deep interests, disturbing questions of self-worth and self-identity, and sexual difficulties.

Scale 9 - hypomania
Tests for elevated mood, accelerated speech and motor activity, irritability, flight of ideas, and brief periods of depression.

Scale 0 - social introversion
Tests for a person's tendency to withdraw from social contacts and responsibilities.

Time to time... I will explain each scale in this blog....

Kekononlaaa kan? ....... ni kat Walnut Grove... kalau gi Minnesota jangan tak ke sini pulak...... rugi laaa bagi sesiapa yang tengok citer 'Little House On the Prairie'

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