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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Arwah Tan Sri Tommy

Arwah Tan Sri was the most gorgeous cat I ever had. He was diagnosed with FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). It began when Bibik noticed fresh blood in his stool. Then Tan Sri began to show other symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes, and watery nasal discharge.

At first Dr. D (our family vet) Tan Sri had mild intestinal disease and it recover, but again.... it actually 'makan dalam' huhuhuh....

The onset of Tan Sri's FIP was gradually increase in severity over a period of weeks. He had depression, rough hair coat, weight loss, and fever. One more... he had fluid acumulation at his belly.... kesian sungguh! We had to leave him to the clinic in Bangi, then transferred to JB for more clinical investigation. All the blood test, stool, saliva, were taken.. poor Tan Sri.

When we were in our vacation, (masa tu Tan Sri kat clinic) we received a call from Malaysia saying that Tan Sri has show some improvement... lega time tu... but after two days, I received another call saying that Tan Sri had jaundice and kidney problem... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .. again..... the vacation was meaningless.. tho the fluid accumulation is minimal, Tan Sri showed weight loss, depression, anemia, and fever. Others were liver failure (jaundice), pancreatic disease (vomiting, diarrhea, diabetes), neurologic disease (loss of balance, behavioral changes, paralysis, seizures), enteritis (vomiting, diarrhea), or eye disease (inflammation, blindness) may be seen in various combinations.

FIP killed my Tan Sri !!! (received news at the airport, on the way back to Malaysia.... once home, we went to the clinic and immediately burried him ....huaaaaaaa huaaaaaaaaaa)

Now.... tinggal lah Puan Sri Natasya alone..... and just recently (after 3 years) we get a new partner for Puan Sri, Alvin Khoo.


BoBo.... said...

don't be sad..

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ciketon fazya said...

alahai kesian..
teringat anak (kucing) di rumah { itu aje yg kami ada sekarang :) }

beautiful_rose said...

=( sedih...teringat kat tompok dgn browney...

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