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Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I enjoy watching this movie... besides silat, kung-fu,I sense about different styles of martial arts adopted in this movie...but... even though I am not any of martial arts fan (except for my first year in the University, I joined Aikido club and came back with bruises all over my body... and it was the only club I attended... errrr and last only for few weeks.. than.. I quit!).... I was a bit disappointed when people keep on saying how the 'geruda' people, yang kurus kedengkek tu... boleh kuat sangat? kekekek well... there are some misinformation on strength training for martial artists I’ve ever known... (konon laaa kan???)

Some one told me that you can train strength, but you can’t train power – so get what I mean?? Kan si Mawas tu pakai tangkal untuk kebal? same goes with the old man (ustaz Coklat). So??? tak kesah laa kurus ke apa ke... and the funny part, they said org geruda tu semua budak budak PLKN hahahahahah adoiiiiiiiii kelaka laa pulak..

But one thing for sure, I proud of HMM.... tahniah laa.... at least, walau pun ada loop-holes sini sana... but I bangga juga laaaaa.....

And tahniah juga sapa sapa yang dah tengok cite HMM ni..


apik pehe said...

apik dah tgk..and apik bleh bg 4 bintang untuk HMM..hehe

ymrk said...

apik... ok kaan cite nih!! caya lah!

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