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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Years gone, New days come along...

You may call me 'a collecter', or 'hoarders' but, I have reasons of doing it. I have this fun hobby (to my eyes laa kan... those realistics may not agree with me). I keep anything (I mean ANYTHING ... from empty can, paper, bus tickets anything occay!) that gives meaning to me - sentimental value - I still have my first school bag (box bag - bought in Singapore), first camera
(still function - the only that I dont think kodak still producing the same film), diaries, spectacles, and my FIRST b** (M*d******m).
First week - my activity is focusing at home - I am setting up the library upstairs - computers, books, sofas - it may look crowded - but I am happy with it. At least I could have small group of discussion or training.
And while 'mengemas-sing' I found folders of my university days - Test and Measurement exam paper.. hahahhahahha - I got A for that subject! (A for statistic too) adoiiiii kelakar laa pulak...
Ok- let me share you my first day at school:
Meeting my supervisor is great - she is cute and so far very helpful. That gives me a boost! It should be as what I planned.
OH YA .... HAPPY NEW YEAR! (tetiba je laa kan... kekekek chow!)

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