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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Tarot - Carl Jung

I was away for almost 10 days to seek the finest creation of Allah. And each steps I took, was the most precious experience and could ever be replaced by anything else. We traveled high and low of the mountains, to the rich and the poor, to the mundane, and hereafter.

With due respect of my interest in psychology, particularly, with the idea of Carl Jung, archetypes and personas of human being, Alhamdulillah, Allah made my way easy to re-experience the metaphysics of human mind - after my experience on Dream Work Analysis (if I have time, I will share more on the Dream Work Analysis and how it is used in psychotherapy) yet, in Surabaya, I learnt about Tarots (I will do some experiements - with my clients - see how it works and later I will share here in this blog).

Tarot - far in our back of mind will say - its 'syirik', its deviate from the teachings of Islam - but when I learnt it, we have been mislead its real function - I even didnt know the histpry of Tarot until I learnt about it. Being open and respectful of other's way of seing things. I was about to learnt Tarot when I was in Australia - but just because I feel that its was not propor, then, I did something else, until I my last visit to Indonesia. (Psychology in Indonesia is far more advance than us in Malaysia - they are a real knowledge seeker - of couse in all aspects of knowledge - u get what I mean right?)

Since I read and learnt it in Bahasa Nusantara (rather not to say it as Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Indonesia, let me address it as Bahasa Nusantara)........ I will just briefly share the history of arot from what I have learnt:

Tarot mula berkembang di benua Eropah - Spain sejak abad ke 13 - hal ini diketahui oleh ramai (umum) namun, ia juga dikenali dalam kalangan bangsa Arab yang dipanggil sebagai 'naypes' atau 'wakil'.

Dari buku The Sufis yang ditulis oleh Idris Shah, 'wakil' yang dimaksudka ialah representasi dari ajaran para Sufi (I managed to visit some of the tombs of wali songo and learnt about them as well - what I could say is 'Massha - Allah'). Ahli sufi ketika itu menggunakan simbol(Carl Jung too used symbolism) tertentu untuk menyampaikan isu isu kemanusiaan dan kejiwaan.

Buku yang ditulis oleh E.S Taylor (1865) pula menyatakan bahawa golongan Muslim Seracan turut menggunakan Tarot ini sebagai kaedah menerapkan ilmu kemanusiaan / kejiwaan pada masyarakat dan beberapa Kad Tarot asal dan dokumen mengenainya ada disimpan di Muzeum di Moroko.

Penggunaan Kad Tarot pernah menjadi tidak popular apabila ia dikaitkan dengan unsur perjudian. Oleh itu pada 1367 pula di Bern, Swiss Kad Tarot di haramkan. Dan kumpulan Gypsi kembali mempopularkan penggunaan Kad Tarot ini sebagai kaedah penerokaan (ni yang lekat dalam fikiran ramai orang - di mana penggunaan tarot dalam kalangan kaum gipsi digunakan sebagai ramalan)

Pada abad ke 15, golongan diraja Itali menggunakan kad tarot ini sebagai hadiah istimewa kepada puteri-puteri sempena majlis majlis tertentu. Dan kad tarot popular hanya dalam kalangan golongan tertentu saja hingga sekarang.

Back to my relfection:

Unreveal picture of tarots - the one that I have mentioned above - especially the history of tarots - and now, I am practicing tarots - because from Carl Jung's perspectives, it is just like other psychometrics used in psychology - the different is that the Tarot-er has basic knowledge about each cards and way of explaning it to the client.

I cant wait to get back to work!

oh ya: my fellow psychoff - if you are interested to know about this, as usual - come and gather in my office! I can just show it to you guys!

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