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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Was there any news?

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming is a new technology on human cognitive. I was first introduced the NLP by Dato' Dr Mat Saat Baki somewhere in 1999/2000. From there, I search, read, find out information on NLP until in the year of 2004, I get myself enrolled for Practitioner Course - nearly 2 weeks attended intensive course conducted by Andrew Bryant from Australia (he's from UK) - it was a fantastic course! Hmmm I was the only from Government Sector - I did feel belittled but, I managed myself and make the organization proud (hehehhe - perasan) by protraying good image - excellent time management, brilliant answers/questions, humble participation, speak good english... chewah chewah.... in the year 2005, I attended the same course again with Andrew Bryant, just to accompanying Dato' Dr Ismail Alias and Supt. Mary Yoong.

Then, in the year 2007, I continued to Master Practitioner Course, conducted by Dr William Horton from USA. Another 7 days - I met many of CEOs there and facinated with the commitments given by their organization to invest the HRM in attending courses like this.

Since 1999/2000-2003, I was a silent practitioner of NLP, not until 2004 until today, I am a pragmatic NLPers who applies all the techniques not only in my work, but in my daily life. I presented my own experience with the crowd in seminars, workshops, conventions, etc.

And finally, someone took the initiative to gather all the NLPers and individuals who are interested in NLP. The seminar was the FIRST of its kind - presented in 100% Bahasa Melayu. And me, with lucky number 7 - the only female presenter! chewah chewah.....

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